Reward Doubles in Case of Binx, Stolen Therapy Cat

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Binx was stolen  on August 5 from the veterinary clinic where he is both mascot, and therapy cat to an autistic young woman employed there. The catnapping was caught on CCTV yet the pair who stole him remain at large and Binx is still missing.  The clinic wants Binx to be returned and has now doubled a reward.

Binx lives at the Lafontaine veterinary Clinic in Rockland , Ontario Canada. The handsome 20 pound black longhair is not just a mascot there, but a very important presence in the life of an autistic young employee, Melissa Gaudrault. The 17 year old began volunteering at the clinic two years ago and Binx helped her to be more outgoing, leading her to a job at the clinic.

The catnapping was carried out by a man and a woman; she distracted the staff while he grabbed Binx and carried him out of the clinic.  Despite the existence of the CCTV footage, the perpetrators have not yet been identified and caught. The clinic initially offered a $500 reward for information leading to Binx’s return and has now doubled that amount to $1,000, thanks to Dr. Suzanne Beauchemin, who is described as a prominent supported of the Ottawa Humane Society.

The clinic thinks that the catnapping was planned and that the man and woman, thought to be in their 20s knew of Binx’s special bond with and importance to Melissa Gaudrault. Ms. Gaudrault is said to be distraught over Binx’s absence, and everyone at the clinic is worried for him and hopes for his return.

Media coverage in the last couple of days has caused sighting calls to come in the clinic, with quite a few callers pinpointing the same general location, so it is presumed that Binx was turned loose. Everyone calling in with sightings has said Binx has run off when approached.

Anyone in the Rockland area with credible  information about Binx’s whereabouts is asked to contact the clinic at 613-440-0032. The clinic would also welcome having him brought back to them.

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  1. This is a heartbreaking story to know that someone would steal a therapy cat. I am praying that Binx will be found. It sounds like so many people are looking for him. I just hope they catch who did this.

  2. Binx looks just like my Teddie….this story breaks my heart!! Both cats and dogs can be so therapeutic to people with any type of mental health issues, developmental issues or the elderly. My father is mentally ill so I find it absolutely unbelievable that someone could be so cold-hearted as to steal a beautiful animal that brought joy to to a young girls life with all the challenges she has to deal with. I am praying for Binx to return safely and I hope the couple are caught soon and they get a judge that LOVED animals!!!

  3. Suggestion for the clinic: take Melissa with a can of stinky fishy cat food to the area he’s been reported to be seen in. Dusk or dawn are good times when it’s quiet.
    If all else fails you can try a humane trap.
    Good luck!

  4. Hi there,

    I would like to thank every single one of you for you help to try and find me. I am glad to tell you that I have been brought back to the Clinic Monday August 15th.

    I am glad to be back home safely.

    Thank you

  5. This is great news! Yay Binx! And wth is wrong with the jerks who stole him? How could people be so needlessly cruel? I hoep they are caught and prosecuted. Not only did they steal a cat away from his home, do harm to the young woman whose therapy cat he is, but then they turned the cat loose to fend for himself! I hope he scratched them up good.

  6. Just to clarify – He wasn’t let loose. He was taken care of while he was wherever he was. He is in great shape. The people simple had a heart and brought him back.

  7. Thanks for letting us know that Binx was returned and for clarifying that he was not on the loose. I would not ordinarily have put much stock in reports of sightings but since there seemed to be several in the same area I thought this time they may have been credible.
    I had some technical problems earlier today that kept me out of touch, but I’ll make the necessary corrections shortly.
    I am thrilled that Binx was returned, and I hope that he and Melissa and everyone at the clinic can get on with things as usual once again.:-)

  8. So glad that Melissa and Binx are finally reunited. I’ve met both of them : Melissa is a sweet young lady and her pal, Binx, is handsome therapist/ receptionist at the Clinic. What a beautiful, fairytale ending to such a sad and long story …10 days must have seemed an eternity to both parties. Lots of people love you, Melissa and Binx, and are very happy for both of you.

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