♪ Reunited and It Feels So Good ♪: Another Alabama Tornado Cat Comes Home

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Amazingly, a second lost cat has come home in recent days; first it was Rascal and now OJ. OJ went missing on April 27 as a tornado came through Guntersville AL. Everyone who had sought his return wants to know where he’s been but the errant tuxedo cat is not talking.

OJ was lost from Old Jail Storage in Guntersville, AL when a tornado swept through on the fateful date of April 27, as the state got the brunt of a spate of deadly and destructive twisters. His photo, seen above, was posted on a lost and found site and he became well known in his absence, as many people kept an eye out for him, showed support, and never forgot about him.

Inexplicably, OJ turned up back home this Wednesday, just days after the remarkable return of Rascal. OJ’s family learned of Rascal’s return on Monday and say that as they were leaving their store for the day on Wednesday they heard a meow, and there he was, simple as that. OJ is now thin and is reported to have come back with an injury that is healing. OJ was an indoor cat, so a life lived outside while lost was a thoroughly unfamiliar experience for him.

A concerned friend has said “I felt kind of silly when she called me today with the news. I asked her where on earth he had been. She said she’d been asking him that, but he wasn’t telling.”

As though his return were not joyous enough, OJ is credited with finding another cat a home while he was missing. The friend above says she continued to check the Animals Lost & Found from the tornadoes on 4/27/11 site for news of OJ and became smitten with Eddie, who she has adopted.

So, here’s to a double happy ending.

For Rascal’s story, see Missing Cat Returns 75 Days After Alabama Tornado.

4 thoughts on “♪ Reunited and It Feels So Good ♪: Another Alabama Tornado Cat Comes Home”

  1. That’s it! I’m going to have my Toby cat microchipped. He’s an indoor/front declawed cat and these stories have convinced me to do as much as I can to help me if he got lost.

  2. Praise God, they must have thought they’d never see him again~! Little stinker, hope they gently smacked his butt and then hugged him alot~! :*)

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