Retired Couple Covers All Adoption Fees for California Shelter

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Image source: Danielle Elder via Flickr
Image source: Danielle Elder via Flickr

A retired couple is giving an animal shelter a big gift this December: They’ve offered to pay all of the adoption fees that the Placer County SPCA in Roseville, California incurs during the month. The move is an extremely generous one – usually adoption fees at the SPCA range between $50 and $300. The couple’s generous gift could amount to $15,000 or more.

The SPCA isn’t the only shelter to benefit from a generous gift lately; the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento was lucky enough to have a donor step up and pay all adoption fees through the end of the year.

These significant donations can help to encourage adoptions, allowing the shelters to rescue even more animals in need. If you’re thinking of bringing home a new pet, please stop by your local shelter to see if the perfect match might be waiting there for you.




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