Rescuers get cat down from tree after 5 days

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A rescue group got a cat down from a tall tree after 5 days when no one else would come, using determination and creative thinking.

A citizen in Witchita, Kansas called the fire department and other organizations for help rescuing a cat who had been in a tree for 5 days but none of them agreed to come out and help the cat.

The Wichita Animal Action League responded and was able to rescue the approximately 6 month old cat from about 35 feet up by securing a laundry basket to a pole. The rescuers put the laundry basket to use after other efforts failed to get the cat safely down.

Once the basket was passed over to the tree from a rooftop with a pole, the cat jumped right in, to the relief and excitement of everyone on hand.

“Oakie” was taken to the animal shelter for a 3 day hold in case he had owners who were looking for him and wanted to reclaim him. The Leagues says: “If any owners don’t claim him he’ll be available for adoption through the Wichita Animal Action League. Watch our Facebook page for details or check our webpage:”

Watch the rescue:

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