Rescuers Care for Angel and Search For Her Abuser

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Angel is a young cat found paralyzed in a public place in Toronto last month. She was lucky enough to end up with an experienced and dedicated rescuer, and is getting medical attention along with loving care. Her rescuers and supporters are working for Angel’s recovery, while standing up for her by raising awareness and trying to find her abuser. Authorities are not taking the case, so it is up to members of the community to identify who hurt her and who dropped her off, and to reach those who might have information.

Seeing the sweet, playful girl with a zest for life in the video below, it’s easy to understand why Angel’s rescuers are doing everything they can to help her.

Toronto area rescuer Karen Beharrell of Special Ones Cat Rescue wrote at the rescue’s group page at Facebook on Nov. 20 (slightly edited):

“Tomorrow I will be receiving a kitten, aged 6-10mths old, that a girl found in a carrier outside McDonalds in downtown Toronto. Everyone just walked past. She has asked for help there and no one has come forward to help this little girl. You see she can’t walk on her hind legs. The finder took her to the vet for a few xrays but cannot afford more. Xrays show multiple fractures and other fractures from a previous trauma already mending. Once in my care I will see what can be done for this little girl. It is apparent someone has done this to her. I will be pressing the OSPCA to investigate once I have her just in case they want her and euthanize her. The finder says she drags herself and plays with toys and loves snuggles.”

Toronto Street Cats Spay Neuter Clinic wrote that Angel was found in a carrier at a McDonalds around Bathurst/Bloor in Toronto.  She was paralyzed, with a broken spine, and x-rays show many fractures. ” Angel’s sternum was fractured in 3 different locations. Her thoracic vertebrae close to her neck has been fractured, she has at least 3 fractured ribs and some that are already in the healing process. Her vertebrae located on/or near her growth plate has been fractured. There is air outside of her lung field resulting in pneumothorax. The vet believes she must have suffered 2 separate traumas. Calls went out for help and Karen Beharrell of  Special Ones Cat Rescue stepped in to take her in .”

Toronto Street Cats continued, “Angel’s story is sad but heartening in that there ARE caring people out there ready to help. Please do remember this. Rescue is hard, emotional, and trying. But think of all the amazing people who are out there helping – and all the great people, like you, reading this, who are so supportive.”

Angel today

Another compassionate and tireless Toronto area rescuer, Lillian Szilagy, made the touching video about Angel below.

Lilly writes, in her introduction, “The first vet and rescue who saw Angel said she should be euthanized as she will have no quality of a good life. Special Ones Cat Rescue took her in after being told about this little girl’s zest for life, and needs help so we can get her the best doctors and make her comfortable. This little lady deserves to shine brightly and we will do whatever we can to help

“No one is investigating Angel’s abuse and the person who hurt her is getting away with it! This video is Angel’s voice when all others wanted to silence her.

“Please join us on facebook at Special Ones Cat Rescue  to see updates on this special girl. [Those who want to help can] donate to her care through PayPal HERE.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for watching and maybe we can find out who did this to Angel.”



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  1. WHY is this crime not being investigated? These monsters will do this again. Can you start a petition to bring this to the attention of the world???? This is horrible.

  2. I’m crying so hard for that poor kitty cat and i will help with what little i have

    how can people be so cruel ?

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