Rescuer Reunited With Kitten Who Escaped Inferno

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Her dramatic escape from a burning home was captured on video. And her rescuer is relieved to know that the brave little kitten has recovered and is ready to start a new life.

Christian Canfield was videotaping a fire at a house in Saskatoon when he was stunned to see a small cat leap from inside the home and run yowling through the snow, according to an article on CBC News. (You can watch the video by clicking on this link.)

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“[She was] pretty burned up,” Canfield told CBC News. “You know an old fleece blanket after it’s kind of had its life? That’s kind of what she felt like.” He picked up the kitten and carried her over to firefighters, who took her to a veterinary clinic, where she was treated for burns to her nose, paws and ear tips.

“She had a lot of injuries,” said Saskatoon SPCA spokesperson Tricia McAuley. “They bandaged her up and then she was actually given to us and we monitored her care while she was with us.”

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Meanwhile, Canfield posted the dramatic video on Facebook, hoping he could find out what had happened to her. When that didn’t work, he kept looking until he saw her photo on an SPCA adoption listing. The two were reunited at the SPCA adoption center the day before Scarlett was due to move in to a new home with a local family. He was thrilled to see her on the mend.

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“She’s super-affectionate,” said McAuley, who said she was named after Scarlett “O’Hara.  “She’s a six-month-old kitten and so she just really wants to cuddle and explore and she’s captured everybody’s hearts here. We’re really happy when we have stories like this.”

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