Rescued kitten becomes firefighters’ base camp mascot

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Harry Moffitt and Dozer


“Dozer” was found in equipment being used by firefighters battling the Canyon Creek Complex fire in Oregon and is now safely ensconced as mascot at their base camp in John Day.

The gray and white kitten was discovered hiding in the engine bay of a dozer truck transport being used by the firefighters on Saturday and has endeared herself  to them since being found.

Bulldozer operator Harry Moffitt found the kitten and thinks she took refuge in order to both escape the fire and stay warm overnight. The firefighters fed her part of their lunch and let her sleep in their truck. Kitty was then taken to the base camp and checked out by a vet.

“It was favoring its right, front leg, so we called the local vet who came down to fire camp and looked her over,” fire spokeswoman Traci Weaver is quoted saying in the Oregonian. “The cat has a soft tissue strain and should be fine if she keeps off it for a few days.”

She’s getting lots of attention from the firefighters and spends her time at the public information officers’ work tent.

Weaver told the Blue Mountain Eagle “Everybody loves her.”

Weaver, who is from Wyoming, has unofficially adopted Dozer and has shared pictures with her daughter back home. If the kitten’s owners do not surface she will go home with Weaver.

“She’s seen pictures of Dozer, and she’s pretty excited but now she’s worried that with all the attention Dozer’s getting, maybe the owners will show up,” Weaver said.

Meanwhile, Dozer – as she has been called since joining the camp – is safe and is helping out with morale.


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