Rescued Dog Rescues Cat & Kittens

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gina & kittens

Gina had her own challenges. It took three years before the Greek authorities intervened on her behalf, after neighbors called to complain every single night to the police the dog was crying.  When she was finally removed, the owner’s house was covered with Gina’s blood stains, both newly fresh and very old.  She had been chained up in the yard 24 hours a day and beaten each and every one of the seven days a week she was held captive.  While the owner was never prosecuted, nor banned from owning another dog, Gina was adopted by a caring, loving woman, Mary.

Now eleven years old, Gina is happy and healthy, and has become a rescuer, herself. When the pair was out walking, Gina saw a mother cat alongside a garbage bin with her four tiny kittens.  Gina kept pulling Mary until Mary saw the abandoned lot.  Mary immediately took Lucy and her babies home.  Gina paid it forward.

SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society) in Greece will soon be adopting out Lucy’s four beautiful kittens when old enough.  For more information about SCARS and all they good they are doing in Greece, please visit their website and Facebook page to learn how you can help.


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