Rescue Puppy Becomes Kitten Nanny

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Image source: Fox 10 Phoenix
Image source: Fox 10 Phoenix

Boots, a rescue puppy, seems to have found a mission: To help rescue kittens in need. To date, he’s cared for 350 kittens.

Boots is a Golden Retriever mix who was rescued after Hurricane Katrina. Susan adopted Boots, but from the first instant he was in her house, it was clear what his mission would be. Boots immediately ran over to some kittens that Susan was fostering, then proceeded to do his version of taking care of them.

Boots doesn’t really play with the foster kittens. Instead, he’ll lie down and cuddle with them, allowing the kittens to climb on him and generally acting in place of their mother.

Since 2005, Boots has cared for 305 foster kittens. Maybe he’s paying it forward, or maybe he just likes cats. Either way, these foster kittens are lucky to have Boots around, since he helps to socialize them and get them ready for their adoptive homes.

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