Rescue Kitten Falls in Love With His Family’s Dog

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When Kelly Dinham of South Australia first met Dave, one of three feral kittens in a shed, she knew that the kittens would need her help. Dinham is the cofounder of Freedom Hill Sanctuary, and set to work ensuring the kittens were cared for. Their mother didn’t stay to care for the kittens, so Dinham’s mother adopted two of them.

Dinham herself adopted Dave, the smallest kitten, knowing that he would need special care. Unfortunately, Dinham’s four other cats didn’t care for Dave at all. They largely ignored Dave, refused to play with him, and even hissed if he approached them.

dave ii

But luckily for Dave, there was another member of the household who didn’t feel the same way. Sookie, a six-year-old Golden Retriever, was much more receiving of Dave. When Dave first jumped up onto the bed where Sookie was sleeping, she tolerated him biting her paws and tail. Soon, the pair became fast friends, enjoying napping and playing together.

dave iii

dave iiii

And don’t worry – Dave has feline companionship now, too. Dinham adopted two more cats and they have bonded together, too. But nothing will ever approach Dave’s special bond with Sookie.

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All photos: Freedom Hill Sanctuary

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