Request to Save the Pets in the Fukushima Japan Restricted Zone

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Weeks into the evacuation of the radiation zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plant in earthquake and tsunami ravaged Northern Japan, companion and farm animals still wait alone and starve. Several groups of volunteers have chosen to enter the dangerous area to rescue stranded cats and dogs, as have some residents, but the task is overwhelming. Some rescuers feel the Japanese government ought to offer help and support for the innocent animals there who suffer through no fault of their own, and that families should be allowed to return for their beloved pets.

Revised, April 22.

This post was published on April 20, with the understanding that the Japanese government was contemplating clamping down on entry into the 20 kilometer restricted zone around the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and we rushed to post knowing that rescuers and residents might only have had a few brief hours in which to get in and get out of the area before the order became effective.

That order further restricting entry in the to evacuation zone has been made. From now on there will be more guards and checkpoints surrounding the area, and the government will have the right to detain anyone caught within the zone for up to 30 days.

That said; we feel that it is still not too late to endorse the Care2 and TNR Japan Animal Wellness Clinic petitions beseeching the Japanese government to relent and help save the animals, or at least let others do so. Further, and equally as importantly, the petitions let the Japanese government know that people all over the world are watching its actions and care about the outcome for the animals.

Time is rapidly running out for the animals trapped in this deserted radioactive no man’s land. Thank you, in advance, to anyone who signs, or has otherwise helped to raise awareness, or contribute to the rescue of any of these unfortunate creatures

We include the two simple Care2 Petition Site petitions, and the original petition and email campaign from the TNR Japan Animal Wellness Clinic to the Japanese Prime Minister’s office asking the government to help.

The original and rather complicated original Japanese version with English translation further down the page has been passed along by Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS).

The Care2 petitions:

Please Allow Animal Rescue in Japan’s Nuclear Evacuation Zone


Tell the Japanese Government that the cruel act of starving animals must finally be made illegal

Click the above links to sign the petitions.

Family reunited with their dog

The original petition is below. The instructions are somewhat complicated, and participants need to remember to submit the Japanese language version, but the petition can be filled in properly by carefully following the instructions and the clearly defined steps.

It is as follows:


Help the pets who have been left behind!

We are appealing to the Prime Minister’s Office by mail. Please help us.

A directive to evacuate the area outside of the 20 kilometer zone will apparently be issued in the near future.  This is causing extreme anguish to the citizens who evacuated, leaving their pets behind in the restricted area. Our group has sent an email similar to the following to the Prime Minister’s Office to help the dogs and cats left behind. We are prepared to be criticized for making this request when the whereabouts of human children are unknown.

If you understand the need to save the animals who are living beings and have been living as integral members of their families, please email the “Request to Save the Pets in the Restricted Zone” to the Prime Minister’s Office.
(Please note:  Please refrain from phoning or faxing because this causes trouble during times of crisis.)

The email sent by Japan Animal Wellness Clinic is included below.

If you agree with the content, we will not mind if you copy all or part of the message. Please send the following written petition in Japanese. To do so, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to either one of the following two forms:

the comment page for the Prime Minister’s Office at:


(Japanese input.  instruction is as follows.)

2.  Please input the following:

電子メールアドレス: (“Your email address”)

確認の為、再度入力してください。: (“Please input your email address again for confirmation.”)



“Please state your opinion or request concerning governmental policies to the Office and various ministries. Please do not use machine-dependent characters such as half-sized kana.”

The following is the written petition submitted by the Japan Animal Welfare Clinic. Please copy from the next line onward.














(Copy up to the line above and paste in the column.)

4. Check the departments you are sending the comment to: 内閣官房 (located at 1st line far left) and 内閣府 (located at 1st line far

right) -These are the Cabinet Secretary and the Cabinet Office.

5. Click on the 送信 (“send”) button to send it.

6. The next screen shows you the message content. If this is acceptable, please click on the確認 (“confirm”) button to send it.

If you wish to redo it, please click on the戻る (“return”) button.

7. The next screen will say:

“Input the numbers you see in the blank columns.”

Input these numbers and click on 確認 (“confirm”).

Click on 戻る (“return”) to go back.

8. You will get a confirmation ID on the next screen.

Below is a translation of the actual petition. Please do not send it in English. Copy the Japanese text above and send that.

Urgent Request to Rescue Pets Left Behind in the Restricted Zone Following the Great East Japan Earthquake

Please consider the distress of the citizens who had to evacuate and leave behind the pets who were regarded as integral members of their families.

The mental anguish of pet owners is reaching extreme levels. Concerns are increasingly being voiced from overseas as well.

1) Please prepare a temporary shelter for cats, dogs, and other pets rescued from the restricted zone.

The public health centers and animal welfare centers have exceeded their capacity.

Both domestic and overseas welfare groups are attempting to rescue pets.

Please establish a temporary shelter to house the pets rescued by these organizations immediately.

2) Please provide information to pet owners.

There are pet owners who cannot rescue their pets themselves, and pet owners who do not have access to an Internet environment, so please ensure that all pet owners are aware of the welfare groups to whom they can submit requests for rescue.

Please take steps to post a list of the groups and contact information at human evacuation shelters.

Please consult the following link for groups who are active in this area:

3) Please provide a means for pet owners to rescue their pets themselves.

It is difficult to search for pets in homes or on private property. Some pets are also afraid of strangers and cannot be caught by anyone but the owner. Please provide approval and a means for the pet owner’s themselves to return home for a short time to rescue their pets.


Please note the Print Friendly button below at left of this page which can be used to open the story in a simplified format if you wish to print or email this petition and request if that would make following the instructions simpler.

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  1. There is a lot of information to fill this application out. I think you can do more faster to help get people signing this. You can go to,

    You can develop a petition there and use that. A lot of people will not take the time to fill it out and we need to do this! I would suggest this to help get more people signing.

  2. Excellent! I found the Care2 petition, which is much easier to manage than the one with the cumbersome process we included here. I’ll add it to the post so people can have the option of the easy way to be heard and try to influence policy in Japan while there is still time to save the animals.
    Thanks for the suggestion, Courtney.

  3. Thanks for that info on the bill about pets being allowed to go to evacuation shelters in the US. It’d be interesting to know if the practice is actually allowed, and if it’s allowed everywhere, and how it would play out in an emergency. We’re better off having evacuation center management and those of us in the public informed of our right to save our pets before a crisis strikes.

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