Request for Reader Input on Food for Allergies and Other Questions

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The Huff family, including Abby and Ziva

Reader Nancy Huff wrote to describe some scabby spots on her kitty and the vet’s suggestion of food allergies. She has several related questions and would like some input drawn from the wealth of experience that other cat parents possess.

Nancy is a responsible pet parent who takes her cats to the vet for advice and treatment but, like many of us, she values the knowledge and experience that can be shared by other pat parents. Ordinarily we post such queries to our Facebook wall but Nancy’s was longer and more detailed than most.

We’d appreciate any helpful or related input, for Nancy and for any others of us who may find the information and experiences useful.

Here’s what Nancy has to say:

We adopted 2 shelter kitties, Abby and Ziva.

Ziva is the youngest and was +/- 4 months when we adopted her. She is a Calico and is now around 9 months.  At approx 7 months she developed scabs above her eyebrows that then turned into bloody, angry, bald spots. Started over one eye then the other. It was quite upsetting to us; Ziva does not seem to mind.

Prescribed 10 days antibiotic, took awhile, but finally healed and hair grew back, thank goodness. I asked if this could be from her sister, Abby, grooming her and was told it was very unlikely.

Well, now 2 months later she has another spot going, from the outside corner of her right eye all the way back to her ear.

More antibiotics. The Vet thinks this may be an allergy to her food. Thinks she may have issues with chicken (we also give them small amount of deli sliced turkey in a.m. for a treat).

BTW, we are feeding same food as shelter, only thing that has changed is that she has been spayed.

We need to find a healthy, safe, (no recalls) food with a different protein as main ingredient. Lamb, fish, venison. Have also seen duck and pheasant, wondered if the last two could also be an issue since they are after all, “birds”?

Hoping someone can offer some insight.

1) Looking for recomendations for good food.

2) Ideas other than allergies that could be causing this?

3) Could her spaying have triggered this? ie, why, if this is an allergy is it just now happening?

We are very worried about our sweet baby.

Thanks much,

Nancy Huff

9 thoughts on “Request for Reader Input on Food for Allergies and Other Questions”

  1. Halo food. fabulous stuff!!! also could be fabric softener, detergent, etc. trat as thought it were an allergic child.

  2. Caren,

    Thanks for the tips. Did Cody’s issues come and go or was this constant?
    Our vet visits have been with other than our regular Vet. After the last visit we contacted Dr. Tom. He also thinks if this is a food allergy that Ziva would have these spots all the time, so don’t rush to change anything just yet.
    We don’t think this is fleas, cats stay in, yard treated for them for dog, othr vets couldn’t find any. Last visit they aspirated an area and of course it was infected. (could see that by looking) No scraping done yet. Ceramic bowls. No scratching or itching. If cats can lick themselves raw/bald, couldn’t Ziva’s cat sister do the same to her?
    Will keep plugging away at this and make sure if/when happens again we see our regular Vet!!

    Thanks to you and everyone else that has been so caring, we are so touched by everyone’s sharing. Unfortunately I am having trouble viewing most other posts, and can’t get back to them.

    Thanks again,
    Nancy, Jeff, Ziva and Abby

  3. Charlotte,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! Although we have had kitties in the past, it has been awhile and we have not had issues like this before. Luckily she is not having diarrhea, only these nasty spots on her head. I realize some would say “no big deal”, but I am worried this could spread to her blood system or even into her brain.
    We will keep plugging away at this and will do whatever is needed to resolve this issue. At this point we are back to working with our own vet instead of the on call vet and he is being much more helpful! Crossing my fingers.
    Do you know anything about fish? Have a friend that farm raises Talapia. May be expensive but, whatever works?

  4. Maisie my tortie has the same scabby bits on her legs and sides….they clear up for a while then come back…the last vet visit suggested a common allergy to the cereals and more specifically wheat in the dry food she like and her treats….we change to James Wellbeloved which is a hyperallergenic food..either white fish and rice or chicken and rice…..this seems to have done the trick although she does overgroom..and once she has a spot going takes ages to stop her. tortie minx!

  5. Thanks for sharing your success with this food, Sharon. I thought of Maisie when posting Nancy’s query because it reminded me of her situation.

  6. Sharon,
    Thanks much for the food tip, have it written down. Ziva had 1 more episode, saw ‘our’ vet this time, got the dreaded cortisone, it worked. Dr. Tom didn’t charge saying he knew what we had been through and cautioning that we will probably be dealing with this for awhile to find a solution. No food changes yet since she only breaks out sporadically while eating same food daily, not convinced it’s just food. Still give her morning turkey treat but we did buy stainless bowls and she has not had kitty treats since last breakout.
    It would be awesome if this is all it takes. Both kitties will need to go to adult cat food soon so will need to cross fingers that she doesn’t react.
    Thanks again, you guys are all really great!!

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