Remembering Zion the Cat

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A beautiful and touching tribute to a departed friend taken far too soon. An accompanying note serves as a reminder to any of us living in proximity to coyotes to guard the welfare of our neighborhood cats.

Video and commentary by Doug Brown aka DrNworb.

It has been a year since we lost our sweet and beautiful friend Zion to coyotes. He had been visiting us a few times a week for 3 or 4 months and we were just starting to get to know and fall in love with him when he was so brutally taken from this world, from our lives. Letting a cat roam free in a coyote infested neighbourhood is like signing their death warrant but leaving the date open, an attack could happen any time. Just this June we lost our friend Sylvie to coyotes, we found part of her remains on our lawn. This is why we rescued Panther and only take him out on a leash, we could not bear to lose another beautiful and special friend this way.
We hope you enjoy these last images taken of dear sweet Zion and that you always keep your cats safe.
“Wither Must I Wander” is performed by Martha Wainwright, words by Robert Louis Stevenson and music by Ralph Vaughan Williams

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  1. They got to know your love for a little while. God bless you for caring and sharing that love. My wife and I have 7 cats, all rescued. Rescued cats are our favorite breed.

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