Remarkable Progress for Ni Hao the Stowaway Cat

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By Karen Harrison Binette

The kitten who could not even move his legs after crossing the Pacific Ocean in a shipping container last year is now chasing the laser pointer and running up stairs in his new home.

Ni Hao, known as the Stowaway Kitten, traveled across the Pacific Ocean last year without food or water, on a journey that began in Shanghai, China and ended in Long Beach, California. Ni Hao was trapped inside a shipping container, and was found near death on July 11, at journey’s end. He was taken into the custody of LA County’s Carson Animal Care Center, where he was nursed back to health and rehabilitated.

Ni Hao was unable to move his legs when he was first rescued in July. Early in August, he was beginning to be able to use his hind legs, and, later in the month, was recovered enough for the shelter to begin making arrangements for his adoption. Redondo Beach residents Kathleen Shaver and Harvey Hettick were chosen from 80 applicants to adopt the kitten, and have had him since September.

Ni Hao was still uncertain and limited in his movements when he joined his family, but he has made excellent progress in the four months since going home. The Redondo Beach Patch published an update on Ni Hao today that includes this video showing the cat, now healthy, happy and fully mobile, chasing the laser pointer and running upstairs.

According to the article: “We are now at the point where the only lasting disability that he seems to have is some reduced vision and he certainly doesn’t seem to be slowed down by it,” Shaver said. “The weakness he was experiencing in his back legs is gone and he is essentially a happy, normal kitten.”

The couple helped Hi Hao with physical therapy exercises, and the now-handsome cat has doubled his weight, to 9 pounds.

For our coverage of Ni Hao, from his initial discovery through his recovery, and then his adoption in August, 2012, click HERE.

Ni Hao in August, 2012, beginning to move his legs again a month after his rescue.

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