Relief Fund Set Up to Help Animals Affected by Earthquake in Japan

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How can we help the human and animal victims of the devastating earthquake in Japan?

News about Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck northern Japan continues to roll in and, as of this now, the death toll is predicted to exceed 1,300. Our hearts wrench as we watch the footage of the devastating destruction and we wonder how we may be able to help…even a little bit. The Red Cross is accepting donations to assist the humans affected by this disaster and for those who would like to help animal victims of this tragedy, American Humane Association has created a relief fund to which they can donate.

At this moment, there is no official news available on the status of  “Cat Island,” (Tashiro Island), although the speculation is that it has been submerged by the tsunami’s surge.  Cat Island, located on Japan’s vulnerable eastern coast,  is the home of 100 elderly humans and hundreds of cats.

10 thoughts on “Relief Fund Set Up to Help Animals Affected by Earthquake in Japan”

  1. I think we need to take care of all of the homeless animals here in the US before we go helping Japan or anyone else with theirs. Do you realize how many animals in your very own area need help?????

  2. That’s the spirit Sandra. Maybe people with enough money to spread around will choose to donate locally and also choose to donate to relief efforts in other countries. No need bring your sour grapes to the discussion.

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