REAL Cat Burglary

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Vermont Cat Burglar WPTZ
Pictures of the Vermont cat burglar who allegedly stole Mason (Photo:

It is bad enough when someone invades your home and takes your things. It is even worse when someone invades your home and takes your cat.

A real cat burglary was reported to Vermont State Troopers on Saturday, January 30, in the early evening.  Home owners returned to find that Mason, white-pawed dark tabby, was missing.  The team investigating the crime have photos of a man reportedly about 5 feet 5 inches tall, gray and white hair, with a stubby beard in the area whom they consider a suspect.  He was wearing a black or possibly dark blue hooded coat and blue denim jeans.

It is sad to think that not only did some poor family have their home violated, they had a family member taken from them, and it seems deliberate.  There may be a complicated back story to all of this that no one is sharing, but the raw, disclosed facts does make for one to consider some little things about safety.  Are the doors locked?  Are the window screens secured? Does anyone know where the emergency key is hidden? Things that we sometimes overlook because they are part of every day living.

Mason. If anyone has any information, please call Vermont State Troopers (802) 878-7111 (Photo:

To that end, we will all have to wait to see when and if Mason is returned and what circumstances may have surrounded this incident.  All we can do is hope he is safe, that he is quickly returned, and that everyone uses this story as a cautionary tale.


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  1. Please have Mason’s human companion email [email protected] for a free comprehensive protocol to locate/rescue a large percentage of missing cats. Also it helps keep an area clear of hazards to vulnerable cats. Faye Lapp

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