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We know that many readers have rescued or fostered cats that needed a helping hand or a good home. Here are stories from two readers.


From Kimberly Naes:
This is grey. He is so sweet after all he’s been through. He was found in a rent house. The renters moved out and didnt tell anyone they was moving. They left this poor little guy all alone with no food, no water and no way out of the house. When he was found he was very sick and weak.  I live on 10 aches of ground so I was asked if I would take him. I never planned on keeping him, seeing as I have 3 dogs and 5 other cats and a rabbit, but he quickly has become part of our family.
I can’t see how anyone would be so cruel so such a sweet little boy. He is very scared of dogs, and other cats but he is learning that he is ok here and with vet care he is getting healthy again.
Grey feeling better and more at home.

Debbie Scott Schermerhorn has shared her stories of three kitties:


Tobias (Toby) is my rescue kitty.

My husband and I heard his cries for help 3 years ago. A woman who rented the upstairs condo had put him out with her bags of trash in hopes that he’d run away or get taken by a coyote or fox. We learned from neighbors that she did this with three other kittens a week or two earlier) We brought him into our home and I washed him up (he wasn’t being kept very clean) while my husband ran to the store for food and kitty essentials. Tobias has been with us ever since. He’s very affectionate and loves to be held and in the middle of whatever we are doing. He’s also my “puppycat” because he follows me from room to room.
Below: Little Toby on the day we rescued him — warm and safe with a “full” belly. It’s hard for me to think of how he could have ended up if I hadn’t heard his little cries for help.


Here are two little “strays” that I’ve been feeding all summer long. When I first noticed the cat ( I thought there was only one), it acted like it had gotten outdoors by accident. I inquired of my neighbors and had one man tell me that he called the white-faced cat Tommy. It was about a month ago that I realized that there were actually two cats (they finally showed up together). Long story short, I was able to pick up one cat and had to safe-trap the other. My husband and I took them to our Humane Society and have been keeping tabs on them.

“Sweetie” , the female, had a slight eye infection that was treated—she went in for spaying this afternoon and was being followed up with her shots. “Checkers” , a polydactyl male , was also treated and is due for his neuter and shot tomorrow.

Both are very affectionate and up for adoption in a few days at the Humane Society of Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs). If anyone lives nearby and is looking for sweet little companions, please give these two a good and loving home (they are not on the adoption list yet) at Humane Society of the Pike’s Peak Region.

I’ve since learned that the neighbor who called the “stray” Tommy, (aka Checkers) is actually their owner. He turned them out when he got a pitbull puppy three months ago and bandoned his cats. He denies it although other neighbors noticed him throwing away cat supplies and have seen the cats in his apartment. I’ve reported him to the HS for animal cruelty/abandonment. I’d take them if it wasn’t for my own cat who’s shown aggression towards them—he would growl or leap at the door every time the cats came for food and shelter.

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  1. I hope that owner gets the max and these two cats get a home before euthanasia. Too many sweet inocent lives are taken because they are not adopted , and can’t be fed forever.

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