Rare Albino Kitten at Los Angeles Shelter Seeking Forever Home

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moonbeam 1

Moonbeam stands out as unique, even among the other adorable kittens waiting for adoption at spcaLA PD Pitchford Companion Animal Village and Education Center. Just 2 months-old, this little sweetie was born with a lack of pigmentation giving it white fur, pale pink skin. Albinos also have either pinkihs-red or light blue eyes. A rarity, they only found in about 2% of the cat population.
“Little Moonbeam reminds people that there are many, many cats and kittens waiting for adoption, and if you can’t adopt, please donate to their care,” spcaLA president.Madeline Bernstein, told KABC News.

Here”s hoping Moonbeam and the many other kittens looking for forever homes this year find the love they so deserve.

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