Quinn Comes Home

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After being completely heartbroken since she went missing nearly two months ago, I was walking home from the store yesterday and she was waiting for me outside my house. Welcome back, Quinn!


Reddit user sierrahax shared the story of Quinn, and the heartbreak that was followed by joy as the missing cat returned home after two months.

“[Quinn] has always gotten spooked easily, so she was usually too scared to even try to get out. She only escaped that one time because my roommate forgot the balcony door open one night after we’d all gone to bed and by the time I woke up she had already left. I figure she had her one brave moment in her life, tried to explore, and then got too freaked out to know how to get back in.”

“I posted flyers everywhere, as well as on the usual websites (craigslist, kijiji, petluck, etc.) and called and visited every shelter in the area. One shelter called back saying they picked up a kitty that fit her description that was dead on the street, so I thought it was her.

“So, obviously, I’m ecstatic that she’s back home!”

“Even after the shelter called saying they found a cat matching her description dead on the street, there was still a part of me that thought/felt she was still out there, and it was eating away at me knowing that, especially during rainstorms and stuff.”

On the day Quinn turned up again: “Because I was already thinking about her on my walk home and feeling sad about it, when I turned the corner and saw her, I actually thought I was seeing things for a second. Then she ran up yelling at me and I realized it was the real deal”

“She’s very skinny and was pretty dirty (she just looks unhappy because she just finished getting a quick bath to clean her up and work out all the knots in her fur) but she seems healthy and unhurt. I have no idea where she was, but she’s always been really shy and gets scared easy so I imagine she kept herself hidden for most of that.”

“After she went missing my boyfriend got me a kitten to try and help me feel better. When Quinn first saw her yesterday she looked at me as if she was saying “Seriously? THAT’S my replacement?!”

“I’m still keeping them separated for a bit until Quinn gets to a vet, just in case she has anything, I don’t want our other kitten to get sick as well. But with the new kitty being so young, and Quinn being pretty chill usually, they should get used to each other after some time.”

” She actually has not stopped purring once since I got her inside yesterday.”

“I was worried she’d be different after she came back yesterday, but so far she seems to be completely fine and just like her old self. After I brought her inside yesterday I kept her in my room with her own litter and food/water (she hasn’t met the new kitten yet, and while my dog loves cats, he is big and dumb, which can be scary to a cat) until she calmed down and everything. But today I left the bedroom door open a bit and she came waltzing out and is acting even more comfortable than she was before she went missing (she used to be a little scared of the dog, like I said, he’s big and dumb and thinks he’s the size of a cat) so so far everything is looking great!

“My roommate mentioned he was worried she might have turned feral, but she’s still super affectionate, and even remembers to use the litter box.

“I’m just happy she’s back home, unhurt and happy. I’ve been smiling like a lovestruck teenager since yesterday.”


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  1. A) so happy to hear a happy ending B) your roomate is an idiot for a) leaving the door open to begin with b) thinking domesticated cats “turn” feral. Feral by definition is an unsocialized cat. Your’s is clearly socialized. Good luck Quinn!

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