Quebec Man Goes to Jail, Rather Than Give Up His Cats

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A man in Quebec had to make a tough decision: Go to jail or give up his cats. He chose jail.

Sylvain Brunette, a resident of Franklin, Quebec, first rented a house five years ago. Brunette moved into the house with his six cats, which were all neutered, 10-year-old cats. The cats spent some time outdoors, but soon Brunette started to keep all of his cats indoors.

When Brunette moved in, he let his neighbor know that he had cats. He also asked his neighbor to let him know if the cats caused any trouble.

Brunette thought all was well until he started receiving fines. In Franklin, residents are allowed to have one cat. For the past three years, Brunette has been fined for having too many cats, as well as for feeding stray cats. He’s not sure how the municipality knew about his cats, unless the neighbor identified the issue.

Brunette, who is on social assistance, refused to pay the fines of $1,208. So, he was sentenced to 54 days in jail due to the nonpayment.

Ultimately, Brunette spent four days in jail; his family raised the $1,409 required for his bail. At this point, Brunette’s cats are 16 years old. He says he will not be getting rid of them.

6 thoughts on “Quebec Man Goes to Jail, Rather Than Give Up His Cats”

  1. Hello, I’m Gwen and live in France and I am very touched by the mr. Brunette’s story, how can we contact him to help him to reimbourse his family?

  2. God love you Gwen. Please keep us posted. I would love to see more photos of this dear man and his babies.

  3. Kate in Anaheim Califorina………….
    This is a kind n good man…………..
    Let Him … love His Kitties……………
    Get him a permit…..
    Let Him ..LOVE LIFE N CARE

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