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Starring DIDGA! Yes, cats run, jump on, climb up, jump off and always land on their feet, but you’ve never seen it done like this.

The amazing Didja is back in this new feature! You’ve probably seen her skateboarding and doing other tricks in her earlier videos. She is equally impressive here.



 Didja is dog and cat trainer Robert Dollwet’s 2 and a half year old rescue cat. Robert adopted Didja from a shelter at 13 weeks, and his videos with Didja are intended to showcase her talents and to teach humans about training and responsible cat ownership. Robert recommends that petparents keep their cats indoors, then teach them to walk on a leash and other fun things, giving the indoor cat experiences like that of an outdoor cat BUT without the dangers.

Robert Dollwet operates Malbu Dog Training in Australia.

You can see more on his cat training and amazing cat videos at his CATMANTOO page at Facebook.


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