Puppet and Puff: Cat Loves Bearded Dragon

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Puppet hugs and cuddles his special friend, Puff the bearded Dragon, in one of the most aww inspiring videos of its kind.

Petmom notes that Puff was thin here due to the stress of moving and says he fattened up nicely after becoming accustomed to his new home.

20 thoughts on “Puppet and Puff: Cat Loves Bearded Dragon”

  1. I used to have three beardies, they’re wonderful. One of mine was that same gorgeous color as Puff. 🙂

  2. So sweet! I had to watch it more than once…love this cat! And the bearded dragon seems to really like the cat, too!!

  3. That’s an ignorant comment. Exotic pets aren’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean it’s fail to have one. It just means they aren’t for you. I love beardies. Try thinking before typing once in a while.

  4. I saw your comment to wendy walker about exotic pets. I totally agree with you but if its okay I’d like to ask you a question since you have beardies. I also have one, he won’t eat, its been over 2 weeks now. I took him to the vets this past tuesday night , they took xrays and stool sample all came back negative. They gave me food suppliment, liquid calcium and meds for any parasites which i’ve been giving to him for 3 days now with no change. He did eat 1 super worm yesterday but wouldn’t touch anymore. He also had a bowel movement when I gave him a warm bath last night. Information saids its early for beardies to brummate now thats usually in late fall. What I’m asking do you have any idea what can be going on with him? He about 2 years old ,we got him 6 months ago at a show in Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated. Thank-You Karen

  5. Just be sure your heating and light are ok. If they are not warm enough they will not eat and digest thus poop. The experts recommend a ceramic heat emitter and reptisun 5.0 or 10.0 Also, feed mine crickets, superworms and kale. I take frozen peas&carrots and microwave 1 min with a little water. Cool down and he loves them. I also have tile in his floor so I can wipe down clean each day and I spray him with a little water, Good luck..LMK if he’s OK. Carol

  6. So loved the video. My Ramoth loves to sleep on our kitty too!
    To KAREN- Check out beardeddragon.org THE best place for dragon info. If all else is right with yours, he may be getting to brumate. Many of them sleep for a few months at this time of year. Both of mine are out like a pair of rocks. Check the sight for more info…and lots more clips and picts of dragons being who they are <3

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