Punto Come Home

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Lisa Tuttle has done everything right, has spent a considerable sum, and has put the search for her missing cat before everything, but Punto is still missing.

Punto is 6 year old indoors only purebred Persian cat who has lived with Lisa in Lakewood, WA for the past 1 1/2 years. He joined Lisa’s household, and her other cats, after the breeder who owned him passed away.

Lisa devoted much time and effort into helping Punto with aggression issues after he came to her and, consequently, developed a very close bond with him. She is quoted in Lakewood KOMO saying, “I thought I made a huge mistake. He was very, very aggressive to the other cats and me. But I worked very hard with him and I really cuddled him and taught him it can be really good here. He started following me around like a little dog and just became the most wonderful pet.”

The cat went missing on May 26 of this year, when Lisa’s roommate broke the house rules and left several doors open and he got out.

Lisa has done everything right, according to what missing pet experts might have told her, as Claudia from Meownty Hunters noted when we showed her an earlier news report on the search.


Punto’s petmom put up an 8 foot poster, went door to door with flyers, hired a firm to do missing pet robo calls, purchased and set up traps and trail cameras, hired search dogs, and even consulted a pet psychic. She took time off from her computer programming job, and missed out on a promotion when she told her employer she placed her cat above her job. She has spent over $4,500, and is willing to take money from her retirement fund in her quest to bring Punto back home.

Punta still has not been found and Lisa is very worried for his safety and well being. She says he has no experience outside and is easily frightened.

Lis says she is not giving up and would never abandon a cat. She is offering a reward.

A local news crew visited Lisa and tells her story.

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