Pudge is reunited with his petmom after more than a year

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Microchip helps reunite owner with cat missing for over a year

Errienne was certain she would never see her cat, Pudge, again. After he got loose from the house and failed to come home one day, Errienne searched everywhere for her family’s beloved gray tabby. Days turned into weeks, and still no sign of Pudge. Errienne continued to search for him daily—posting flyers and talking to neighbors.

Then, in the fall of 2013, Colorado resident Errienne and her family had to move to Kansas. As they packed up their home and their life, it seemed as though Pudge’s fate to be lost forever was sealed. Until one day—a year and a half and 620 miles later—they got an email saying that Pudge was at the Dumb Friends League in Denver.

Thanks to his microchip identification implant, the Dumb Friends League was able to link Pudge to Errienne, who quickly made arrangements to return to Denver to pick up her long-lost cat. “There he was, still the same big, doe-eyed, adorable kitty looking up at me with his pathetic little meow. I picked him up and just hugged him and hugged him,” she said.

Now back home in Kansas, Errienne says Pudge is doing great and credits his microchip for their reunion. “I thought for sure I would never see him again, and if he hadn’t been microchipped, I never would have.”

One in three pets will go missing during its lifetime, and without proper identification, most never return home. The Dumb Friends League encourages all pet owners to ensure their cats and dogs are wearing proper identification—a collar and tag, and microchip identification implant—at all times, so that should they ever go missing, you will increase your chances of being reunited.

You can consult with your veterinarian about having your pet microchipped. It is a simple procedure that only takes a few seconds—and could save your pet’s life. For more information about microchipping, you can visit the site for HomeAgain or contact your veterinarian.

You can also find special microchip clinics put on by various shelters and rescue organizations.



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