Pub goers rally round for cat dangling from window by his paws

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Onlookers standing below were united in their concern for a cat dangling by his paws outside a window.

A group of people leaving the Sky and Ground pub in Wexford, Ireland gathered  below the window of a B&B where the very unhappy cat dangled by his front paws, crying in distress.

While a few people stood under the window holding a makeshift landing blanket under the kitty, the group debated about how to best help the little fellow.

When kitty seemed to lose his grip on the window casing he swung himself around and seemed like he’d right himself, but he was not able to complete the move and went back to dangling there and crying.

A plan was hatched to use a van to climb up to help the kitty but it was not needed after all.

Fortunately, all ended well, and that cloth held beneath the cat came in handy to give him  soft landing.

Kitty then dashed around the side of the building after his ordeal.

Linda O’Brien captured the moment on video and posted it to Facebook.


Only in Wexford would you come across this. Dónal Patrick Byrne

Posted by Linda O’Brien on Monday, August 24, 2015

1 thought on “Pub goers rally round for cat dangling from window by his paws”

  1. don’t understand why people didn’t go into the b&b and rescue him from the window! that was so stupid to just let him hang there when she was so upset! it must have been the cat from the pub as she had on a collar. bless her heart those torties have catitude!

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