Prozac for Cats?

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A Gilbert, AZ woman turned to veterinarian prescribed Prozac as a last resort for her antisocial and destructive kitty. The vet says it is an effective treatment in such extreme cases.

Karey Bohmer agreed to her vet’s recommendation to try the psychoactive drug Prozac on her 6 year old cat Snookee as she came under pressure to either control the cat’s behavior or give her up.

Kerry told Fox 10 Phoenix reporter Kristen Keogh, “My husband was we can’t afford to keep losing speakers and furniture cause this cat can’t control herself. I was looking desperately for another home for her.”

Looking for help, Kerry consulted with Dr. Hayley Shafer at Caring Hearts Animal Clinic, who prescribed the drug in 5 mg. daily doses.

“A lot of times it comes down to people saying ‘my cats going to be put outside, my cats going to be euthanized, I can’t deal with this I’m giving up my cat.’ So Prozac is kind of a last resort for a lot of people,” Dr. Shafer told the reporter.

Now on the drug for a month, Snookee is a calmer, more loving cat. She showed some distressed behavior as the news crew arrived and set up their interview, but she is, overall, vastly improved.

The in-studio segment of the report suffers from stupid comments by a co-host, but is worth watching to the end, as Kristen reclaims the floor.

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