Prison workers free miraculously unhurt kitten tangled in razor wire

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A longhaired kitty got tangled in razor wire as she tried to climb over a fence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Florence Colorado on Wednesday. Prison workers sprang to action as soon as she was spotted there and spent two hours getting her down, using a bucket lift crane. Workers spent over an hour disentangling the young cat from the deadly sharp wire, then brought her down to safety.

She was taken to the Eskridge Veterinarian Clinic, which treats numerous injured stray animals in cooperation with the Canon City Police Department and the Fremont County Sheriff’s. In commenting on the young cat’s condition, with scratches on the face and paws, Dr. Lisa Eskridge, calls it “pretty amazing” how well kitty came out of her ordeal, considering how tangled she had been in the wire.

Those at the scene of the rescue were similarly amazed to see the kitty relatively unhurt after her close call.

Kitty is being called Razor for the time being, and will spend a week recuperating at the hospital. Many people have offered to help pay for her care, and several prison workers have offered to adopt her.

Kudos to the workers; thanks to them a little life was saved and a formerly stray young cat will have a home. Kitty is more a young adult than a kitten at around 8 months old, though still young enough to be extra curious and extra vulnerable.

Video report with a visit to kitty at the hospital. We do not see the rescue or any disturbing imagery.

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  1. I am so glad that this story had a happy ending. I am glad that she gets a new home. Good job to the workers who rescued her.

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