Princess’ Challenges Appear a Blessing to Her Family

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She was born with two club feet, but that hasn’t slowed Princess down. While her two littermates are healthy, this sweet little girl, even though having a deformity, still gives them a run for their money. This in spite of her family being told by many they should put her down.

Be she appears undeterred by the opinions of others. In fact, Princess may well be on her way to becoming a therapy cat, having just had her first visit with the Hettingers, her family, to a local nursing home. It seems she may just have a knack for connecting with others.

“I’ve lost track of how many people who have asked us if we are going to put her down, No. We’re not. If she can help one person see there is value in life – that will be worth it. She is thriving. She was born this way – it doesn’t bother her a bit,” Helen Hettinger told Echo Menges,

“Hopefully she can bring hope to people in situations they didn’t choose to be in. She’s a survivor.” It seems Princess may have something to teach a lot of people about judging others.

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  1. There is no reason at all to put a kid down because she has a deformity. We don’t do that to humans now do we?! I totally agree with the family taking care of her that she has the right to love and live just as she is meant to be. Thank you for caring for this precious soul.

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