Princess and the Close Call

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Princess had very unpleasant time of it when she accidentally went through the wash last Friday but her mom rushed her to the emergency vet and now she is fine.

Princess’ story is getting some buzz today in several UK newspaper stories and at least two TV news broadcasts. The fact that her ordeal suggests the title “Soggy Moggy” probably accounts for part of the coverage, as does the human, or feline, interest angle.

It’s also a cautionary tale of how easily accidents can occur and how we need to remain on guard against them, and also how we need to have the presence of mind to get help right away in an emergency.

“I just felt sick.” are the words Susan Gordon of Aberdeen, Scotland used to express her reaction upon finding that her 8 week old kitten Princess had gone through a cycle in the washing machine. Susan recounts how she didn’t believe it at first when her husband shouted to her that Princess was in the machine, but the wet little kitten was pulled out clinging to a pair of jeans.

Susan had the good sense to dry the kitten off, grab a taxi and head to the emergency vet to get Princess help right away.

Susan Drysdale from Vets Now says, “Princess arrived at the clinic on Friday night very shaken up and shivering, with a nose bleed and sore eyes but her owner had managed to dry her off very well prior to bringing her in to the clinic.

“Princess was admitted to the hospital for emergency care which included oxygen, IV fluids, diuretics to remove the water from her lungs, plus lubrication for her soap damaged eyes, and importantly pain relief for her bruised body.

“She was also placed on heat pads to bring her core temperature up to normal. By Sunday afternoon following treatment, she was purring and eating as normal and behaving as a young kitten does.”

Thankfully, the story ends with Princess looking cute and as good as new. Below are news features from STV Aberdeen and the BBC. You have to click the link for the STV story, but we included it since it was the more local coverage and our favorite of the two.


21 thoughts on “Princess and the Close Call”

  1. I’m so glad this story had a happy ending. With 5 cats, I always look in the washer and dryer before I turn them on and I keep the lids closed on them when not in use.

  2. What a nightmare for cat mom!!!! I will be twice as paranoid about checking now!! It’s nice to see a story with a happy ending and a concerned mom. 🙂

  3. Oh sweet Jesus Mom must have been horrified and needed some valium or something, OMG she must be so relieved…. Thank you Jesus for saving this cat~! :*) WOW………..

  4. Praying with such Gratitude to JESUS~! I mean seriously~! I’ve heard of stories with the dryer and they don’t make it so this made my day~! :*) So very happy for this family and WOW All that the Vet did to help this kitten totally pull through is nothing short of AMAZING~!

  5. Poor baby! My cat has slipped into the dryer a couple of times. Luckily, when I threw wet clothes onto him he jumped out…

  6. I have 4 cats plus 2 foster kittens and I always do a cat count before I turn on the dryer. My Emmie LOVES warm clothes and will jump in the dryer in a heartbeat. It scares the mess outta me. Thank goodness Princess is OK.

  7. The story is being featured, quite heavily even for a short spot, on BBC News this morning. Princess is one lucky kitty and I suspect her slaves will be checking the entire house more carefully in the future.

  8. I always do a cat check before I start loading either washer or dryer, but I’ve had a cat nip in there the second I turned my head. Luckily, I’ve caught them in time.

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