Prickly Pete Gets a Home

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Prickly Pete and his new guardian, Jean Mann, from Sun City.
(Photos, Arizona Humane Society)

A cat who wandered into a Phoenix, AZ cactus patch last week is in the news for the second time today. The little fellow, nicknamed Prickly Pete, was rescued, then underwent a painstaking removal of cactus needles while under the care of the Arizona Humane Society. The shelter hoped that media attention would help to bring the cat’s family forward to claim him within 72 hours. That didn’t occur, and Pete went up for adoption at the Sunnyslope Adoption Center at 11 am today. He quickly found a new home.

We reported on Prickly Pete in our post from December 21, ‘Prickly Pete’, Rescued From Arizona Cactus Patch.

The Arizona Humane Society wrote at Facebook today:

“Just a week ago, Prickly Pete was in a predicament. Stuck to a cactus and covered in cactus spines, Arizona Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technician™, Lori Cooper, rushed Pete to AHS’ Second Chance Animal Hospital™. After two hours of surgery, Pete was rid of his cactus spines except for a few small remnants that will fall out over time. Pete has recovered remarkably and today is a special day as Pete will be up for adoption today at 11am.”

“Adoption fee: Just $26 (and half the cost of a typical adult cat adoption fee) as part of AHS’ Caturday promotion in which cats over 6 months of age are available for an adoption fee simply by paying by the day on the calendar (promotion ends 12/31). Fee includes all medical treatment to this point, neuter surgery, first time vaccinations, follow-up vet exam with VCA hospitals, collar and carrier.”

Pete appeared on TV this morning with Bretta Nelson, a spokeswoman for the humane society. Now that he is feeling better, and mostly recovered from his ordeal, we can see that Pete is a very handsome and fluffy boy.

He went home with adopter Jean Mann from Sun City, who looks very happy to have him. Jean says she will keep him indoors.




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