Potato the Cat Makes the Cutest Ewok Ever

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Halloween is right around the corner, and even cats are getting into the spirit. Meet Potato, an adorable and incredibly tolerant cat whose costume has a Star Wars theme this year.

Reddit user Mapolonio posted a photo of Potato dressed up in an Ewok Halloween costume. Mapolonio’s girlfriend made the costume by hand, and it fits Potato perfectly. Potato might not be so thrilled with it, but he sure does make the cutest Ewok ever.

Image source: Mapolonio via Reddit
Image source: Mapolonio via Reddit

Want to dress your cat up for Halloween? Your best bet is to keep costumes simple and lightweight. Many cats don’t like having things placed on their heads, so think more along the lines of a cape that you can drape across your cat. Always take time to introduce the costume gradually, and don’t actually tie or attach the costume to your cat while he’s getting used to it. If he panics and runs, he can get caught up in the costume and may panic even more.

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