Porsche Disassembled To Rescue Cat

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Image source: The National
Image source: The National

Sometimes, rescuing a cat requires a bit of sacrifice. In the case of the rescue of Harley, a one-year-old cat, that sacrifice involves the disassembling of a Porsche Cayenne engine.

Harley initially escaped from his carrier when his owner, Brian Lott of Abu Dhabi, was carrying him home from the vet. Lott alerted his neighbors to the fact that Harley was missing, but there was no sign of the cat.

That was, until neighbor Arne Proske started up his Porsche Cayenne. Proske heard a loud yelling once he started the engine, so he turned it off and walked around the car, looking for the source of the yell. After finding nothing, Proske again turned his car on and the sound returned.

Certain that the sound was coming from an animal trapped in his car, Proske spoke with some security guards of his complex. It was then that he learned that Harley was missing. Lott came to look at the car and knew that Harley was stuck inside – he could hear the cat meowing, and could get glimpses of him through the engine.

A call to the German Veterinary Clinic summoned Dr. Katrin Jahn, who helped to assess the situation. Dr. Jahn determined that Harley’s paw had gotten caught in the fan belt, and that the belt was holding the cat in place. Pieces of the car would need to be removed in order to free Harley.

Proske thought quickly and called his mechanic, and within half an hour two mechanics were on site to help free the cat. The rescue took three hours, but Harley was successfully freed.

Harley then took a trip to the vet clinic, where it was discovered that, miraculously, he hadn’t broken any bones in the paw that had been trapped. He did have significant soft tissue injury, but at this time is expected to make a full recovery.

Harley’s rescue took the work of Proske, Lott, a security guard, a veterinarian, and two mechanics, but the rescue was successful. You can certainly say that Harley is one very lucky cat.


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