Polo: Lost and Found in New Orleans

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Polo is reunited with Max and Cheech


A much beloved cat who got lost in unfamiliar territory was quickly found, thanks to a bit of luck and a rescuer associated with a well known Facebook lost and found page.

Max Whitish and his girlfriend Shallon have made an extended stay in New Orleans while traveling on an adventure with their two cats, Polo and Cheech. The couple are collaborating on a travel blog and enjoy the colorful experience of busking on the streets of the city.


Max and Shallon, performing their act in New Orleans in  earlyNovember.


Max posted at his own Facebook page, and then shared at the NOLA Pets Lost and Found Facebook page after Polo got out of the car and went missing at a Walmart on Monday. The description shows that Polo is much loved.

The missing cat post reads:

“I am traveling through New Orleans and I lost my cat on Monday -12-3. He was last with me around 8:00am in the parking lot of Walmart on Jefferson HWY. He is 6 years old, and he goes by the name of Polo. He has a special prescription diet and he will also need his meds soon.

“I miss him very much, and so does his brother Cheech. Polo has been through a lot with me and he is my buddy. I feel like I have lost one of my best friends.

“Maine Coon – smaller. Grey with black and brown strips. Tar black paws with little fluffy toe hairs coming out around the bottom pads. Oh, and a milky white chin.

“Cute baby meow. He often is mistaken for a female. He is so soft, sweet and irresistibly pretty.
“If you have Polo or know where he is please call 206-619-7222. His family is lost without him.”


Lisa Giardina of NOLA Lost and Found Pets spotted Polo Wednesday night. Fortunately, he’d stayed close to the spot where he’d gotten lost. Lisa called Max and Polo, though scared and shy, as is common with cats who’ve gotten lost, was returned to his guardians.

Max wrote, expressing both exhiliration and gratitude:

“Lisa Giardina found my kitty!!! She was shopping and decided to take a quick look out by the pallet pile. Sure enough he was squatting like a ninja in the grass behind! She called me and we were able to get him to come to me! Thank all of you for all of the wishes and the help! I am so relieved to have my little fluffer back.”
“Thank you so much Lisa Giardina!!! You are so wonderful. Polo has been found and I can’t put into words how relieved I am. I am going to torture him with love! Thank you so much for all of the support and all of the wishes. I can’t thank everyone enough. Thank you for returning my baby to me.God Bless all of you.”
Lisa provided details on the rescue:
“I passed by the area he was suspected of being in last night after I did some shopping at Walmart. I went towards the back, way behind the gas station where Walmart stacks pallets. I walked around the pallets twice with a flashlight. No sign of him so I walked out towards the storage facility/dumpster/grass area…looked up towards the grass & saw the shape of a cat sitting way in the back!
I approached but once I got within a couple of feet, he took off towards the dumpster/pallet area. At that point I called the owner to have him come call him & try to get him. Max & Shallon showed up within 30 minutes and got him! Polo had crawled into the pallets but started talking back to Max when Max would call out to him!”
Max was only missing for two and a half days, but his return was none the less sweet for it, as a glance at the photo at top tells in a way that words never could.

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