Police seek couple who drove with cat leashed to car’s hood

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Note: The second video report below begins on autostart. It can be paused until such time as you wish to view it.

Fellow motorist Polly Vandall got photos on her phone when she spotted an SUV driving with a very unhappy looking cat leashed to the hood.

Polly says everyone at the intersection where she snapped the photos was staring at the totally unexpected sight.

Polly’s photos went viral when she posted them at Facebook and police are now looking for the two people in the car, who were also captured on a local gas station’s security camera. The car is seen pulling up to the pump with the cat riding on the hood. The couple then walk the cat to the door of the store with them and tie it outside when they enter.

The sighting occurred in New Philadelphia, Ohio and pair are thought to be in Cleveland. The gas/convenience store clerk thought the couple were heading to Cleveland next while on a cross-country trip. Police are hoping to find that the pair paid with a credit card and that they can be traced through the card.

New Philadelphia police chief Michael Goodwin says the incident may be a case of animal cruelty, but is certainly a case of hazardous driving.

After Polly posted her photos online the police department was flooded with calls reporting the incident.

Police did not have access to the car’s tag numbers because there are no cameras at the intersection and none of the witnesses got the plate.

Polly Vandall and New Philadelphia police chief Michael Goodwin speak with WKYC News in this video:


WKYC News made this updated report after the gas station/convenience store’s surveillance footage surfaced:

3 thoughts on “Police seek couple who drove with cat leashed to car’s hood”

  1. What has this world come to?

    Don’t know about the rest of ya, but if I was cognizant to get a photo of it, I’d also be following that car and getting the plate, calling the police ASAP and reporting the location/direction/description.


  2. no one ever gets the picture of a plate! they needs to be arrested and have that poor girl taken away from them…

  3. These sickos need to be leashed on the front of a semi and driven around!!!! Not one person got the plate number?? No one blocked them from moving and called police????

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