Police Officers Rescue Woman and Her Kitten from Fire

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Officers with the North Vernon, Indiana Police Department rescued a tiny kitten from her burning home Monday night when they entered the apartment looking for anyone in need of help getting out. Protected only by hazmat masks, officers Andrew Richmond and Chris Campbell rescued an elderly woman and her kitten.

Officer Campbell told WLKY News: “I didn’t know where the fire guys were at.”  Sgt. Richmond continued, “If we waited any longer we ran a real substantial risk of someone perishing in the fire, in the smoke.”

After the two policemen got the elderly woman out of her apartment, Sgt. Richmond stayed inside and found the kitten lying on the floor, meowing, but only able to move her head.

“There it was, it was lying, couldn’t move, about all it could do is move its head while it was meowing so if I knew if I left it and tried to come back later it probably wouldn’t have made it,” he said.

The woman was taken to the hospital and her kitten went into temporary foster care with local animal rescuer and hairdresser Nancy Green-Cruser, who said of Sgt. Richmond, “He’s a good guy.”

Ms. Green-Cruser is grateful to the police officers and says the kitten’s owner undoubtedly will be, too.

“I think she’ll be thrilled when she finds out she’s okay,” Ms. Green-Cruser said.

Fire officials think the fire may have been started by a short circuit in the woman’s electronic wheelchair.

Woman, kitten rescued from fire




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