Police Officer Rescues Cat From Car, Adopts Him

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Image source; Hanford Sentinnel
Image source; Hanford Sentinnel

Police Officer Kevin Wheat saved a life and made a new friend, all in the same day. This past Saturday Officer Wheat received a call at 10 am. A county employee had heard a strange noise coming from their car when they got out – it sounded like a cat.

Officer Wheat could hear the cat crying within the Dodge Caravan, and set about getting it out. He surmised that the cat had crawled up through the bottom of the engine and had gotten stuck. While Officer Wheat didn’t have any training in taking apart a car, he improvised, removing both a front tire and the front fender to gain access to the cat.

After about an hour’s work, Officer Wheat successfully rescued a grey-and-white shorthair cat from the car. He took it to the Kings County Animal Services shelter, and learned that the cat is about three months old. The shelter gave Officer Wheat the first option to adopt the cat, which hasn’t yet been claimed.

After talking about the cat with his wife, Officer Wheat has announced that they will be adopting the cat. They plan to make the cat an indoors-only cat so that Officer Wheat won’t have to take apart any more cars in the future.

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