Police officer rescues and adopts kitten trapped in drain

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An Ohio police officer got help for a kitten trapped in a drain and then adopted the little one.

Hamilton Police officer Jon Habig found the little orange tabby kitten crying pathetically from beneath a heavy grate covering a drain in a residential neighborhood last Friday. He called in Street Department worker Matt Zettler, who removed the grate and quickly scooped the kitten up and out to safety before he could fall down inside the drain.

Habig took the kitten to the vet to be checked out and has adopted him.

Hamilton Police Department shared the story at Facebook Monday, posting photos and writing: Never let go, Jack!

PO Habig found this male orange tabby kitten stuck in a sewer Friday. After rescuing him, Officer Habig took him to the vet, cleaned him up, and adopted him. The kitten’s name is now Jack. Great job, Officer Habig!

Edit: Matt Zettler with the Street Department came and got the drain open, freeing Jack from his unfortunate situation. Thanks, Matt!

WXIX FOX 19 covered the story and posted video from the scene. The video, seen below, shows Jack pressing up against the grate and crying, then shows the rescue.



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