Police Officer Adopts Kitten Rescued From Under a Dumpster

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Image source: abcnews.go
Image source: abcnews.go

Sometimes life just has a way of working itself out. At least that’s how it went for Squirt, a kitten that a police officer rescued from underneath a dumpster this past Saturday. The officer brought Squirt back to the station, where officer Cody Garrett met Squirt and decided to let the kitten join his family.

Squirt is Garrett’s second rescue – last year he adopted a female cat named Toothless, whom he had found in his yard. At the time, Toothless was so small that she could barely walk. Garrett provided the cat with a loving home and plenty of care; she recovered and grew, and just had a litter of kittens three weeks ago.

Garrett knew that Squirt needed a mother, and hoped that Toothless would step up to the role. She did, and Squirt has become a member of the family. She plays with the other kittens, nurses, and is doing well. It looks like Squirt has a bright future ahead of her.

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