Police Help Locate Missing Cat

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Portland, Oregon police tried their hands at becoming pet detectives as they worked to locate a missing Bengal cat. Falke, a Bengal cat, went missing from his home on October 21. According to a witness, a passenger in a blue pickup truck jumped out and grabbed the cat before the truck drove away.

Luckily, the public was able to help the officers narrow their search. Following a public tip, detectives were able to locate people who knew about where the cat was located. They were convinced to return the cat, and the people in possession of Falke handed him over to the police.

But Falke wasn’t willing to ride home in a cardboard box. He insisted on riding on the dashboard of a patrol car.

Falke’s story is just another reason to make sure that your cat is microchipped. A microchip can help to identify a cat if he’s gone missing and has been brought into a vet. It can also help to prove that you own the cat. Just be sure to keep your microchip registration current and your contact information up to date.

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