Pokemon Go Fan Rescues Kitten; Others Help Real Animals

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(Michelle Barrera/Facebook)

His name is Shishiko. And he might be the first kitty saved by a Pokemon Go player. (OK, so if  not the very first, he’s part of what could be a major trend.) He was rescued by a young woman from Florida named Michelle Barrera, who volunteers at her local shelter. “I will always rescue animals,” Michelle wrote in one of her posts on the Bored Panda  Facebook page.

“My bf and I found this kitten, approximately 6 weeks old, abandoned on the street while we were playing Pokemon Go,” Michelle explained. “He was covered in dirt and his eyes were sealed shut with so much gunk. He could barely meow. A week later and you would have no clue the hard beginning he had. We named him Shishiko, aka Litleo a Pokemon).” Michelle shared a photo of herself and Shishiko cuddling (above).  “He’s the sweetest little guy and loves to snuggle and give kisses.” Here’s one of Michelle’s Facebook profile photos.

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(Michelle Barrera/Facebook)

Pokemon Go is a free, location-based mobile game released this month. Players are directed to locations where they can capture or tame virtual creatures. Pokemon Go players have been making news across the country in ways that have been both annoying and inspiring. Some of them have proven themselves to be good samaritans, such as two players who rescued some abandoned hamsters and mice in Houston, Texas. And others who are helping exercise shelter dogs in Muncie, Indiana.

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(Phil Peckinpaugh/Muncie Animal Shelter)

Thanks, Michelle, for making a real-life difference for a tiny kitten in need. “It won’t be long before he becomes a Pyroar,” wrote Michelle, “but I hope he stays my little Shishiko forever.”

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