Pit bull dog rescued with kitten remains devoted to her baby

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We shared a heartwarming rescue story last week, with Abandoned pit bull is found mothering newborn kitten. A rescuer found the female dog, whose milk had just dried up, along with a newborn kitten she had adopted and who was trying to nurse from her when the pair were found.

The kitten and her doggie mama, found in South Dallas, Texas, were taken to the Mercy Animal Clinic, in Garland, where they remain in care.

A week later, the doggie mama remains intensely devoted to her kitten and the clinic hopes to rehome the pair together.

Mercy Animal Clinic wrote back on March 18: “Kitty and pitty still doing well. Kitty goes home with Dr Hamlin every night for bottle feedings and pitty waits anxiously every morning to see her adopted baby.”

That arrangement continues, as, in the clinic’s words: “Pittie stays at clinic, Kitty goes home with Dr H [Dr Hamlin] at night.”

Some sweet videos show that Kitty is growing and doing well, and Pittie remains devoted to her baby. See three of the videos below. For more, visit Mercy Animal Clinic at Facebook.

It appears that earlier reports that Marina Tarashevska rescued the pair were not completely accurate. It seems that Nicci Bowman rescued the animals. Marina Tarashevska may have taken them to the clinic.



Tuesday, Kitty hits the bottle:

Kitty hits the bottle

Posted by Mercy Animal Clinic on Tuesday, March 24, 2015


This morning, Pittie performs the morning cleanup:

Pittie performs the morning cleanup.

Posted by Mercy Animal Clinic on Wednesday, March 25, 2015



Here they are at lunchtime today:

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