Pirate the Cat’s Impressive Adventures

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Image source: cbc.ca
Image source: cbc.ca

When Lauren Craig received a call from her niece at school reporting that Pirate, Craig’s barn cat, had just climbed into the classroom, Craig wasn’t sure what to believe. The school was over nine miles from Craig’s home in North Tyron, Canada.

Turns out, Craig’s niece was right – the cat was, in fact, Pirate. Named for a black patch over one of his eyes, the cat had evidently caught a ride on a truck that left the barn the previous day. Problem was, the teacher didn’t believe that the cat could possibly be Craig’s, and put the cat back outside. Craig took her niece and her nephew back to the school to look for Pirate, but he was gone.

There’s a happy ending to this story, though. Someone found Pirate and brought him to the local humane society, where he was finally reunited with Craig and brought back to his home.

Clearly this Pirate doesn’t need a ship in order to have great adventures.

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