Pink Kittens Found a Month Ago Now Beautifully Normal

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A litter of pink kittens found living at a Cornwall UK concrete factory a month ago are looking more normal these days, and will go to good homes when they’re a bit older.

A litter of pink kittens found in May after being abandoned by their Mama at a Cornwall concrete factory attained their peculiar hue from chemicals at the factory which acted as fur dye. They were removed to Cats Protection in Truro, where they have been cleaned and cared for. Now, a month on, they are considerably bigger and are looking beautifully non-pink.  While in care and de-coloration the one male and three female kittens have been called Pink Panther, Clouseau, Dusty and Cerise. The four have good homes to go to when they’re a bit bigger.

“We see cats of many colours, shapes and sizes but this has to be a first for us!”

Truro Cats Protection manager Claire Rowe

Here are some before and after pics.

6 thoughts on “Pink Kittens Found a Month Ago Now Beautifully Normal”

  1. omg! what kind of chemicals were in that factory?! that is so bizarre! hope they a fine and healthy!

  2. Beautiful angels… and many thanks to the human guardian angels who have been watching after them. So glad that the concrete plant employees got them out safely. And I have to agree… the natural colors look much better, but I would love them either way. Just hope that the designer freaks out there won’t see this and give them ideas that pink designer kitties would be so cool to have…

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