Pickles aka Catasaurus Rex Finds a Home

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Emily Zarvos and Andrew Miliciasay hosted a video crew at their home for a feature on their cat Pickles, a huge kitty otherwise known as Catasaurus Rex. It was love at first sight when the couple met Pickles at the MSPCA (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in Boston.

Pickles, who measures more than three feet long and weighs 21 pounds, thinks of himself as a small kitty and not as the gargantuan he really is. He is thought to be part Maine Coon cat, which helps to explain his great size.

Andrew said: “We had no intention of adopting him when we went to see him but we just fell in love.

“They said he had been adopted and taken to Canada but brought back because he really doesn’t get along with other cats.

“He doesn’t realise his size so he’ll knock things over all the time – he’s so clumsy.”

“But it’s like so hard to be mad at him – he think he’s just like a little kitten still.”

Emily said: “I’m so happy we have him, he’s the best pet you could hope for.”

Pickles was wandering the streets trying to fend for himself before coming to the MSPCA. His new petparents were selected from about 50 people who applied to adopt him after his photo was posted online.

The MSPCA wrote at Facebook today, after Pickles’ story made the news: “We’re so proud of Pickles’ wonderful new human family – and thrilled that this jolly giant graced us with his presence before finding his forever home.”





The MSPCA posted this pic of Pickles a couple of months ago. Not surprisingly, the photo got a lot of attention for the big kitty who needed a loving home:


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