Piano Lesson

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The lesson here is, cats will NOT be ignored.

12 thoughts on “Piano Lesson”

  1. My mom is a piano teacher and we had a beautiful cat named ‘Tasha’ who would always come and sit on the piano bench with the students all through their lessons. She never got in their way or on their laps but would always sit next to them. She loved piano lessons!

  2. our cats went further & used to love converting such pieces into duets or even sextets when they decided to go for a stroll over the keyboard as well

  3. My cat insists on helping me at the computer by sitting in between the keyboard and the monitor so I can’t see.

  4. I’m so surprised ! It’s me ! Thank you for posting on facebook 😀 Just want to say, I love my cats x) And i don’t ignore it ! If you look, I caress him when he is behind my back and I send him a kiss when he is on my legs. I just was thinking that it would be so cute if i could finish the music with him on my legs. But I failed 🙂

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