Photos: Marv is rescued from a tight spot

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Poor Marv got himself into quite the predicament when he became stuck, upside down and wedged between two garage walls.

Marv the cat somehow ended up wedged in the 5 inch wide gap between his owner, Brendon Veale,’s garage and the one next door, in the community of Hanham, Bristol, UK, and he remained there for two hours last Wednesday until he could be freed.

Marv’s predicament was discovered when neighbors heard his meows. When the local residents couldn’t get him out the RSPCA were called, and they had no luck, either.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Simon Coombs tried to get Marv out of the narrow spot but had to call in the Avon Fire and Rescue Service to get the job done.

The firefighters had to remove part of a cinder block wall and tunnel through to reach the trapped and distressed cat.

Firefighters spent a half hour carefully chiseling a block free from the neighbor’s garage wall. With Marv’s tail and legs exposed, RSPCa officer Coombs was able to pull him backwards through the opening and free him.

Coombs said: “We don’t know how Marv got into the space, it may be that he fell into the gap and struggled to get free only to get himself well and truly stuck.

“As usual, we are immensely grateful to the fire and rescue service for their help, not to mention grateful to the neighbour, whose garage wall came off the worst in this incident!

“It was great to see Marv reunited with his family after this real team effort to free him.”

Petdad Brendon Veale said: “My neighbor came round to tell me he thought the cat was stuck.

“He was crying out quite a bit and he was too far stuck down to get out, and also upside down, so he couldn’t hold on to anything.

“When they broke through he didn’t have much choice in the matter, and he did cry a bit, but he was reasonably calm and was just stressed out for a few days.

‘The girls were very upset – he’s their cat really – but they did a really good job of trying to keep him calm.

“My neighbor was really good about it too. I’m in the process of trying to fix the hole in his garage.

“Marv does like to get into things, but this is definitely the smallest space he’s managed to squeeze into.”

Marv was reportedly shaken after his ordeal but otherwise unharmed.






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