Photographer Saves Kitten From Spooky Abandoned Hospital

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By Samme

A YouTube video posted by photographer Joshua Goldberg looks like something straight out of an episode of a paranormal television series as he explores the dark, eerie corridors of an abandoned hospital in Troy, New York. But instead of a ghost, Goldberg heard the haunting cries of a trapped kitten. Here’s his story:


“While I was photographing the abandoned Leonard Hospital, I heard something crying on the third floor. I realized there was a kitten trapped on the third floor, but couldn’t quite figure out where; at first I thought he was in the heating ducts. I brought tools up from my car and piled some chairs up so I could barely reach the duct, then used my phone to look inside. It was getting late and I realized I needed a proper ladder, so I went and bought one at the 24 hour Walmart.

As soon as I was up on the ladder, I could see over the wall and there he was! A tiny 4 week old kitten. I carefully made a hole in the drywall. He was too small to leave behind hoping his mother was still around, so I brought him home: Leonard the kitten.”


The video shows adorable Leonard at home with Goldberg, who has adopted the precious little tabby named for the hospital where he would have died if he had not been rescued by an intrepid photographer on the prowl.

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