Photographer Rescues Kittens from a Brush Fire

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Photographer Carlos Pacheco just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and two kittens have him to thank for being alive today. Pacheco was photographing a brush fire in North Dakota, and after about five minutes he began to hear meowing.

After investigating, Pacheco discovered two kittens. One was trapped beneath the fire, while another laid nearby. The fire was so hot that Pacheco couldn’t get near it and had to take his jacket off to use as a shield.

With the kittens rescued, Pacheco took them to the Cat’s Cradle Shelter in Fargo. Both kittens were in bad shape. One suffered serious burns, while the other battled smoke inhalation. However, thanks to the care provided by shelter staff, both kittens are on their way to recovery.


Pyro, the kitten who was burned, is wearing bandages on her paws to protect them as they heal. And Manni is recovering from the effects of smoke inhalation.

cats-cradle-ii cats-cradle-iii

Once the kittens have fully recovered, they’ll be put up for adoption and the shelter will ensure that they go to a new home together. Pacheco is considering adopting the kittens himself. After all, had he not been out taking photos, the kittens wouldn’t be alive today.

All images: Cats Cradle Shelter via Facebook

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