Photo update: Clark Kent thrives in foster care

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Clark in a new favorite hiding place!

Clark Kent is the Philadelphia cat found cold, wet, sick, neglected, malnourished and near death in a gutter nearly a month ago. A blood transfusion, antibiotics, food, warmth, a surgery to remove a rusty metal object from his stomach, and loving care all helped bring the abandoned 2 year old cat back to a state of well being.  Clark is under the protection of City Kitties Rescue, and receives medical care at The Cat Doctor, where he stayed after his rescue. While he will be monitored to check for potential long-term health issues, Clark is doing very well.

Clark was recovered enough from his surgery and the extreme ill effects of neglect to go to from The Cat Doctor to foster care a week ago. The foster caregiver has kindly provided photos for the many people who have been touched by Clark’s case, and who wish to follow his progress.

Here are a few photos taken of Clark at his foster home and posted at The Cat Doctor‘s Facebook page.

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Clark Kent is LOVING his foster home!


Clark has discovered that the laptop means attention. All he has to do is shove himself between the computer and the person using it!


Clark Kent has discovered heating vents. His life will never be the same. (His foster brother Moishe probably taught him all about them!)

4 thoughts on “Photo update: Clark Kent thrives in foster care”

  1. Clark Kent is looking great. It will only be a matter of time before he can get his forever home. Good job to all of the people who helped save him.

  2. I have been following on THE CAT DOCTOR’s FB page with the updates on his photos and just love them. I know he is not out of the woods yet but he does look better then the first photo that we saw of him a month ago. Way to go Clark Kent. Love you.

  3. So pleased to see Clark Kent looking so good.He is such a sweet lttle guy,i hope he keeps improving and will find a loving forever home.

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