Photo: Gulfport Firefighters Treat Cat at Scene of Fire

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The Gulfport. MS Fire Department snapped this photo at the scene of a house fire in a trailer on Sunday. A firefighter holds the residents’ cat while his colleague gives it oxygen with a pet oxygen mask.

According to a brief story in the Sun Herald, the couple living in the trailer got out unharmed but their cat suffered smoke inhalation and was treated at the scene. The trailer is uninhabitable but the cat is expected to make a full recovery. Firefighter Frank Moraway is holding the cat as Ryan carter (mostly out of frame) administers oxygen through the little mask.




3 thoughts on “Photo: Gulfport Firefighters Treat Cat at Scene of Fire”

  1. Are Firefighters giving more aid to injured or not breathing animals, or is there just more publicity when aid is given?

  2. Many fire departments have the little oxygen masks for cats and dogs now, so many more pets are receiving treatment at the scene.

  3. Yay! It’s wonderful to see this happening more and more in society, people are realizing that pets are members of the family. Firefighters should be encouraged and commended when they rescue our pets, giving their lives the same value they would a human’s.

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